Production Plant

Yalrom's production plant covers over 600sqm, and manufactures various ALUCOBOND®-type cladding systems | Cutting and grooving of ALUCOBOND® panels, and creating custom made profiles for any project | Panel production, including finishes and preparation for transport to site for installation.

Advanced technological equipment

Our production plant contains computerized cutting machines for profiles, tin-rolling and ALUCOBOND® systems, CNC machines for grooving and cutting ALUCOBOND®, tables and semi-automatic stands for producing panels, and other advanced equipment which enables us to provide  our customers with the most efficient and suitable solutions for all their needs.

Quality control

Our production layout is under constant supervision of the engineering group, which performs quality control throughout the entire production process and at the end to ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality and production processes.

Adherence to schedules

Our self-production ability, lack of dependence on other production factors, optional night shifts and our internal transportation system allow us to adhere to accurate and rigorous schedules and complete projects on time, every time.