Green construction

גלול למטה
Yalrom Group specializes in swift and precise "green construction", using the most advanced technologies to combine quality of life with care for the environment.

Reliance on these technologies, proper planning of construction directions and smart choice of materials, ensures health advantages and significantly lower operating expenses. Even years after construction is completed, you can enjoy a healthy and superior living environment which requires minimal maintenance.

Yalrom insists on full cooperation between all parties involved in the process, from the initial planning stages to the completion of the construction process, in order to maximize future economic advantages.

Yalrom Group offers an overall envelope that provides a "green" and economical solution in all areas:

· Structure design which takes into account air and natural light directions, climatic conditions and the solar table that defines the amount of radiation penetrating the structure.
· Energy saving: Use of renewable energy for heating and cooling purposes.
· Maximum utilization of sunlight and natural lighting. At nighttime, the space is illuminated by energy-saving lighting solutions.
· Climate planning tailored to all seasons, allowing optimum natural ventilation through window design, ceiling height, and ventilation openings.
· Acoustic insulation.
· Thermal insulation of the structure, including the envelope, foundations, basement, roof, walls and windows.
· Use of environmentally friendly materials.
· High structural durability.
· High resale value: Green construction is the future. It guarantees relevance and a high resale value down the road, when all parties will move over to green building principles.
· Landscape and environmental development planning: Maximum utilization of surface runoff and groundwater for irrigation purposes.
· Waste recycling, "gray water" and sewage.
· Consumable or recyclable construction materials and resources, characterized by high durability and low maintenance.
· High quality finishing materials that prevent development of mold and mildew; Use of environmentally friendly paint.

Green construction has many other advantages:

· Cutting unnecessary costs - surprisingly, green construction costs significantly less "regular" construction.
· Fast and efficient construction process.
· Clean construction with very low air pollution, building waste and almost no noise, as compared to "regular" construction.
· Extensions and additions can be made without the need to relocate tenants.
· There are less experts and workers involved when building green.
· There's also no need with heavy machinery, cranes and trucks.
· High accuracy and perfect fit between the structure plan and the final building.