גלול למטה


Alucobond is produced by heat-bonding 2 aluminum sheets to a core of insulating material, in a process that unites the components into one homogeneous and sturdy unit. The system is used for cladding exterior façades of buildings, providing a high quality finish and a prestigious appearance. Unlike other cladding systems, Alucobond creates a clean, screw-free and uniform look, that enables numerous and flexible cladding solutions.

The entire system, including the frames, is made of aluminum and is therefore rust-free. It can be applied in a wide variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses and textures. Recommended for application with PVDF color system, which is resistant to fading for many years.

The Alucobond system isn't waterproof, and requires insulation of the structure before installation.

The many advantages of Alucobond system:

· Lightweight, rigid and a completely flat façade.
· Fire resistant.
· Provides a prestigious and uniform appearance - virtually no visible "waves".
· Hidden screws.
· Identical gaps.
· Can be applied in a wide variety of colors.
· Can be applied in corners with small radius, without causing color stretch upon bending.
· Insulated to heat / cold - the system is applied a few centimeters away from the structure and therefore keeps the sun / rain from direct contact with the structure.
· Noise isolation.
· Prevents vibrations.
· The system comes ready for the site and enables very quick installation.
· The system is fully aluminum and therefore resistant to rust, corrosion, decay, dryness, cracks, mildew and fungi for many years. For these reasons, the system is especially suitable for installation in buildings near the sea and in humid areas.
· Minimal maintenance required.

Installation/Application Method:

· Preparing SD (shop drawing) and displaying the distribution of panels upon the structure.
· SD approval by client.
· Computer designing of panels by company planners, and generating manufacturing instructions.
· Production of panels at the our plants.
· Installation of an example on site, for approval by client / architect.
· Installation of most of the cladding, except for corners, coping, flashing covers and window and door frames.
· After installing windows and doors - precise dimensions are taken on site to produce precise manufacturing instructions for finishing.
· Finishing and delivering perfect project.

Prior to commencing installation, the client must provide a watertight structure, where each screw in the wall is sealed with waterproofing sealant.