Soffit Panel

גלול למטה

Soffit Panel

Soffit Panel is a non-waterproof wall cladding system. The panels are manufactured in different widths, between 200mm and 600mm. they offer a smooth exterior look, and can be applied vertically or horizontally, with gap or without gap (close installation). The system is suitable for renovation and construction of public / commercial / industrial structures and logistics centers, and can be applied with insulation on the interior side. The system is installed with hidden screws, and provides the building with an attractive, modern look, as well as other benefits.

Soffit Panel is installed quickly, and is cost effective.

The many advantages of Soffit Panel:

· Can be applied in a variety of materials such as tin, aluminum, zinc, copper.
· Low overall weight - does not overload the structure.
· The system provides good insulation to the building's interior from heat and cold.
· Resistant to high winds, rust, corrosion, decay, dryness, cracks, moss, fungi.
· Requires minimal maintenance.
· Installed with hidden screws.
· In painted tin and aluminum - the system is recommended for use with a PVDF paint system, which is resistant to fading for many years.
· The system is manufactured and installed using high quality raw materials which are convenient for transportation and application: tin, aluminum, zinc and copper, ranging in width from 0.7mm to 1mm.


Installation/Application Method:

· Preparing SD (shop drawing) and displaying the system upon the building.
· SD approved by client.
· Preparing straightening construction.
· Installing the system directly upon the straightening construction.